Who are we?

An heterogeneous international group of photographers and artists, some of them formed at the prestigious Parque Lage Arts School of Rio de Janeiro, that have in common their passion about ART. They were unified by the focus in simplifying the access to photography and art in general.

The idea is to freeze frames or unique moments and places, sometimes using peculiar techniques. Fiction and really are mixed bringing the public a different perspective. Kite aerial photography (KAP), waterproof cameras, boats, mixed techniques…. Produced by several hands, with different styles and sights , the challenge is to share views, from the classic to the most irreverent ones.

The project is guided by Virgilio Garbayo, a professional with wide and mixed background and a passion for Art and People. Under the umbrella anything can fit, and everybody with an insatiable mind is welcome.

Social Responsibility

Apart from the artistic drive it also emerged the necessity of social development, of giving our support to the local community. It always has been in Tantata activities and this project was not going to be an exception.

So the Museum of Favela was close to our hearts and therefore they receive a contribution every time something is sold. We believe in people and projects that contribute to causes, contribute to well being, quality of life and smiles.

Tantata Focus and Museum of favela thank your support.